Les priorités des secteurs sportif et socioculturel Creation of a 80×60 cm poster illustrating situations and characters connected to the CESSoC and their members. This poster also shows infographics on the back and comes with a 50 pages memorandum illustrated using elements from the poster. Date February 2019 For CESSoC Type Illustration & Layout Read More


Ruse First EP of Ruse, a belgian psych pop band. The artwork was created mixing photo, digital and hand drawing. Date May 2019 For Maxime Wathieu Type Artwork & Layout Link rusemusique.bandcamp.com Read More

DC11tet – Handheld Cards

DC11tet - Handheld Cards Handheld Cards, first album of the jazz band DC11tet led by Quinten De Craecker. Design created by mixing photos, ink and watercolor. Date March 2019 For Quinten De Craecker Type Artwork & Layout Link soundcloud.com/quinten-de-craecker Read More

Jam’in Jette – Visual Identity

Jam'in Jette - Visual Identity Design of the new identity for the Jam'in Jette music festival and all the communication materials for the 2018 edition. The new logo was designed to be modular so it could be renewed every event while keeping the same recognizable structure. A new font, inspired by the typeface Cubano was… Read More

Les Apéros LaVallée

Les Apéros LaVallée To launch the new season of “Les Apéros LaVallée”, a set of 15 visuals crafted out of paper was created to promote the events taking place in LaVallée throughout summer. Each image share the same background and layout, unifying the whole serie under a recognizable identity. Date April 2018 For LaVallée Type… Read More

Jelle Van Giel Group – The Journey

Jelle Van Giel Group - The Journey Artwork and layout of Jelle Van Giel Group’s second album “The Journey”. This record has been released on a 6 panel digipak and a LP. With a mix of pencil drawing and watercolor, the artwork took shape as a moutain landscape stretching along the cover and reminding of… Read More