Papier Machine n°12

Papier Machine n°12 Design and layout of the 12th issue of Papier Machine. Through its 112 pages of texts, illustrations and photos, the publication freely explore the word "Grue". All the visuals elements were entirely made of assembled papercuts shapes. DATE April 2022 FOR Papier Machine TYPE Layout & illustrations Read More

Théâtre de la Vie 22/23

Théâtre de la Vie - 2022-2023   Creation of the 2022/2023 identity of the Théâtre de la Vie, a theater located in Brussels, Belgium. DATE July 2022 FOR Théâtre de la Vie TYPE Visual Identity, Artwork & Layout Read More

Croix-Rouge de Belgique

Croix-Rouge de Belgique Various projects made for Croix-Rouge de Belgique (French community part of the Red Cross of Belgium) including magazines, flyers, leaflets and posters layouts, infographics, illustrations and more. Date 2019 - Present For Croix-Rouge de Belgique Type Layout, illustration & infographic Read More

Born in Brussels

Born in Brussels Digital and print ad campaign for the launch of, a website with resources and informations for young and future parents in Brussels. The posters, both in french and dutch were placed mainly in Brussels metro stations, metro carriages and local newspapers. DATE August 2022 FOR CDCS-CMDC TYPE Illustration Read More

Jam’in Jette 2022

Jam'in Jette 2022 New seasonal identity for the 2022 edition of the Jam’in Jette music festival with an updated version of the previously developed dynamic logo. The project included the design of the main visual and all the affiliated communication materials such as the poster, banners, flyer, beer label, pass, etc. DATE February 2022 FOR… Read More

Théâtre de la Vie 21/22

Théâtre de la Vie - 2021-2022   Creation of the 2021/2022 identity of the Théâtre de la Vie, a theater located in Brussels, Belgium. DATE July 2021 FOR Théâtre de la Vie Type Visual Identity, Artwork & Layout Read More

Quotidien politique

Quotidien Politique   Cover artwork of Quotidien politique, a book written by Geneviève Pruvost and published by La Découverte in the collection "L'horizon des possibles". DATE May 2021 FOR La Découverte Type Artwork Read More

LaVallée – Saison 21/22

Visual Identity LaVallée 2021-2022   A series of visuals created to promote the events of the season 2021 - 2022. Each visual is focused on a kind of event (Market, Concert, Cinema, Apéro, etc.) and developed with modularity in mind. Which means that every part of the visual can be changed and combined to create… Read More


Une Bière, Deux Tartines   Design of a new logo for the microbrewery Une Bière, Deux Tartines (1B2T). This new visual identity included also a proposition for a new visual of their beer called Mermaid. In the end the illustration was rejected and only the logo is in use. DATE April 2021 FOR Brewery 1B2T… Read More

Théâtre de la Vie 20/21

Théâtre de la Vie - 2020-2021 Creation of the 2020/2021 seasonal identity of the Théâtre de la Vie, a theater located in Brussels, Belgium. The project included the creation of 2 artworks to promote the season and 10 more to illustrate each show taking place in the theater throughout the year. These visuals were adapted… Read More