LaVallée – Signalétique


CLIENT : LaVallée

DATE :  September 2017

OBJECT : Signage, Art installation

In september, LaVallée celebrated its second anniversary and for the occasion organized a four days event with concerts, DJs, workshops and most of all an exhibition presenting the work of its residents.

From an image of Jodie Stella used as the event official visual, I designed a signage inspired by the main elements of this picture. While the main purpose of this signage was to help visitors find their way through the site, it was also invading the space. Appearing in unusual spots, sometimes hidden and not always indicating something relevant, it was still filling its function of a red thread guiding us throughout the exhibition.
This setting created a link between a pragmatic direction indicator and an art installation.
Since the signage had to only last a couple of days, It was fully made in paper.